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Welcome To Northern Cyprus Kitesurfing

Our watersports resort in Northern Cyprus is awaiting your booking, this beachfront complex, is perfectly placed between two mountain ranges to catch the wind, indeed it is the windiest spot in Northern Cyprus. It also has a great little wave that appears every now and then.
We have been teaching kiteboarding/kitesurfing for 17 years now and travelled all over the world kiting, surfing, and paddleboarding. Having lived in Hossegor, France on and off for 8 years and Spain close to Tarifa for over 20 years. This Northern Cyprus spot is a great one. It soon became our "go to" spot, this tranquille, unspoilt spot is amazing, uncharted, unexplored and is definately not your normal run of the mill, commercial, package kitesurfing location, we call it our "secret spot". Northern Cyprus Kitesurfing has been operating at this location for 4 years now and in this time the resort started with 90 apartments. It has since nearly doubled in size with a further 60 apartments been built. As I write this, a further 50 apartments are to be built, and a further 40 have just been released for off plan purchase. To see the evolution of an amazing kiteboarding beach/bay is daunting. It's like Cabarete Domincan Replublic, 15 years ago. Its truly at the beginning, unspoilt, caught in a time warp, mainly due to the political situation. I say come and visit us now because in 10 years time you will not recognise this beautiful, tranquille spot. The only thing that isnt going to change is the wind.

We are now taking bookings all year round. Send us an email to book your spot.
We also work inconjunction with the UK's KiteboardingUK.com and we have organised groups coming out to Northern Cyprus for KiteboardingUK.com "Kite Camps". So if you unsure about coming out on your own or want the back up and local knowledge from the KUK crew then book with them.

Email me at info@northerncypruskitesurfing.com or contact KiteboardingUK.com
Text Trevor Sergeant on UK 07951 169871 and I will call you back or call me directly in Northern Cyprus on +90 5488716167
Skype him Skypename trevorsergeant

Northern Cyprus is definately, off the beaten track and its down to individuals to try and find something different from the normal kite package holidays. Northern Cyprus has an abundance of long open beaches, some stoney, some clean sand to explore. The wind is frequent and strong. Morphou bay has two mountain ranges either side of the bay, which channels winds of varying strength within different parts of the bay. A kitesurfers paradise for sure.
Our accomodation is a superb 90 apartment 4 star resort, made up of apartment owners who reside on location, because of the frequent winds and chilled lifestyle. The purpose built resort has large indoor and outdoor swimming pools amoungst other things. It's yoga / spa facilities compliment a hard days kitesurfing. The resort is fully staffed by a combination of locals and expats, all English speaking. All staff live on location so therefore we have 24 hours a day 365 days a year cover for any eventuality (You'd be surprised).
Northern Cyprus has an 8 month summer season, hence sometimes flight prices remain slightly higher than you usual european flight deals.
The country operates in Turkish Lira, but they accept English pounds, Euros and American Dollars. All our prices are quoted in English pounds, however locally you spend turkish lira which right now is giving an exchange rate of 4.65 which is a all time low for £ English Pound exchange rate. Which means a pint of beer is £1 to £1.30 on average. And a large steak meal £9. As the turkish lira weakens the value of local prices becomes very apealing to those spending english pounds. British kiters are getting amazing value at the moment. Ath the time of writing this webpage any exchange rate over 4+ lira to the pound, represents very good value.

Aphrodite Beachfront Village is built on the prime location in Morphou Bay to take advantage of the strong trade winds and the wave break is also located close by.
Contact Trevor Sergeant (Sarge) directly via UK mobile 0044 (0)7951 169871, text or email him for more info Airport transfers, arrival and departure arrangements can be made via Trevor, he can also assist you, with information on hire cars should you need them.
He can also arrange direct airport pick ups, meaning you never have the hassle of hire cars as you have wind on your door step. Afro Beachfront resort is frontline. With a restaurant on site and supermarket close by or delivers, you really dont have to leave the resort. We also have full taxi service on location if needed.
Accomodation is £25 per night with shared apartments, you book your own flights. If you stay with us during a KiteboardingUK.com Kite Camp then hire car costs, are shared, based on 3 kiteboarders per hire car. If you do not wish to explore other beaches, you can simply stay at the kite beach resort and kite from there. If you are visiting us a couple or family, of course we can arrange your own individual hire cars and apartments etc.
Thanks for visiting. We hope to kite with you in Northern Cyprus Kitesurfing very soon

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Northern Cyprus Kitesurfing Sunset sessions

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