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Accomodation Prices

Accommodation at the Aphrodite Beach Resort through Northern Cyprus Kitesurfing is currently £25 per person per night. During period when we are running "Kite Camps" in conjuction with KiteboardingUK.com organised trips. These are Fixed prices, no charges for water, no electricity charges. The 4 star resort is built on kite beach at the windiest spot in Morphou Bay a 30 km beach. Owns a purpose built outer reef, break water.
We can rent you an apartment, depending upon your requirements. Our £25 per person per night is based around 1 bedroom apartments being shared, by couples, small families, small groups or a group of solo travellers sharing an apartment. We always try and put friends and families together. We have over 90 apartments available at this resort some are residential, some rental, most are penthouse/duplex 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. With a mixture of single and double bedrooms.
Couples will get double beds and the penthouse duplex apartments, do have bedrooms with ensuite facilities, if not the top floor of a duplex apartment will be ensuite. The prices are heavily discounted from the normal standard resort rates.
2 friends maybe required to share a bedroom with two single beds. All apartments are fully furnished. have AC in every room and furnished kitchen facilities and of course TV. This resort is open every day of the year as 50% of the resort is residential with private owners or long term renters of apartments, living on location. Many expats from all over the world, live here full time.

You can now book all year round, you dont just have to come visit when we organise "Kite Camps" just conact us and we will arrange your stay and specific accommodation for your needs.